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Dietitian Leiden

Everdien van der Leek is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master Degree in Nutrition and Health. Everdien translates the Science of Nutrition into very practical everyday information about food. Over the past years, she had working experience at different University Medical Centers such as LUMC (Leiden), VUmc (Amsterdam) and UMC (Utrecht). 

From 15 October 2022, dietitian and health scientist Everdien van der Leek will go on maternity leave. As of October 12, she will be substituted on Wednesdays by dietitian Janine van den Biezenbos. Janine is also available for videoconsultation on Tuesday evening every other week. We are pleased that Janine will join the practice during this period.

If you want to schedule an appointment: please contact us on 071 889 1435 or via the contact form.

Around mid-February 2023, Everdien will return to the practice.

About Janine: With my positive attitude and approach, my ability to make people believe in themselves and my ability to listen well, I help people to bend old patterns into new patterns that contribute to an improvement in health and lifestyle. My guidance is based on ACT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which is used as a treatment strategy to change dietary patterns and lifestyle. I enjoy supporting people in their health goals and in achieving a healthier lifestyle.

You can visit Everdien Foodcoaching for weight loss/weight gain and special dietary needs. You will get tailor-made nutritional advice, education and evaluation during the therapy of:
- Overweight and obesity 
- Diabetes Mellitus
- Gastrointestinal complaints; such as constipation, IBS (Fodmap diet)
- Cardiovascular disease; such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol
- Pulmonary diseases such as COPD 
- Weight loss and malnutrition
- Nutrition before, during and after pregnancy
Celiac disease (gluten intolerance), gluten sensitivity, cow's milk allergy and lactose intolerance

Health insurance
Dietary counseling is reimbursed in Basic Health Insurance for three hours per calendar year by the health insurance.

Everdien Foodcoaching has contracts with:
- ASR, Ditzo, de Amersfoortse
- Achmea: FBTO, Zilveren Kruis, interpolis, de Friesland, Zilveren Kruis Ziezo, Prolife
Zorg en Zekerheid, AZVZ
- ONVZ, PNO Zorg, VvAA
- Menzis, Anderzorg, Hema
- DSW, Stad Holland, inTwente
- VGZ, IZZ, IZA, Univé, Zekur, UMC, Bewuzt 

Everdien Foodcoaching has no contract with:
- CZ: Ohra, Nationale Nederlanden, Just, CZ direct
- Caresq: Promovendum, National Academic, Besured, Eucare, iptiQ, Aevitae 

If you are insured with the above health insurers, you will receive the bill directly. You can submit the invoice to the health insurer yourself.The reimbursement that you will then receive may differ per health insurer, contact your health insurance for more information.

For all the care that is reimbursed under the
Basic Health Insurance, this is subject to the compulsory excess (own risk) of 385 euros per year (unless you have a compulsory own risk excess). Children under 18 have no compulsory excess. If you do not use your own risk, the cost of the dietitian will be charged by the insurer. Check your policy or contact your insurance company in advance.

Walking consultations
Would you like to combine our consultation with a nice walk? Or do you want to become more active and does this feel like a first step? Then a walking consultation might be something for you! 

Please contact the reception for making an appointment or if you have any questions, you can send me an e-mail. 

T: 071 - 889 14 35
E: dietistleiden@corpusmentis.nl 

Rates for non-contracted care (2022):
First consultation 75 - 90 minutes - € 107,50 - € 129
Follow-up consultation 25 minutes - € 43
For cancellations less than 24 hours in advance, you will be charged € 32 minutes of the reserved time.

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