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Walking consultations – let’s get moving!

Would you like to combine our consultation with a nice walk? Or do you want to become more active and does this feel like a first step? Then a walking consultation might be something for you! Going outside together often provides new insights and refreshing ideas. It literally gets you moving.

The walking consultations are suitable for follow-up consultations and takes 20-30 minutes. We start from the practice and take a tour through the neighbourhood. If you like, the walk can be extended to a consultation of 60 minutes, then we will include a walk in Cronesteyn Park.

How does a walking consultation work?

- The starting point is the waiting room at the practice. Depending on your goals, we start with or without weighing moment. You can also leave items (eg a bag) at the practice.
- Then we go outside, I know a nice walk of 2 km through the area around the practice. Or a larger route (then we also go through Cronesteyn park) if you opt for a 60-minute consultation. We walk your pace. Or mine, if you like.
- While walking we discuss how things are going and I will coach you to get one step closer to your goals and dreams.
- We close the conversation at the practice. You will receive a small homework assignment: write a short summary of our conversation and your action points, and email it to me. Writing it down makes the message stick better.
- If it really storms or is pouring rain, a consultation indoors is of course always an option.

Are you interested in a walking consultation? Let me know and we'll take steps together!  


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